Think Big is looking for current students and non students alike who is interested in repping out their campus or community.  Please fill out this form to the best of your ability.  Thank you and continue to Think Big! 


  • get every new release

  • you will get shoutouts on our pages

  • you will serve as a liaison between your school/campus and our brand

  • you will have monthly monetary incentives based off performance

  • volunteer hours 

  • you will serve as the lead sales rep when we have events at your school/campus

  • you will have ability for entrepenuarship under Think Big and have us supply your inventory.


  • post when we drop new merchandise 

  • Dorm/Room Sweeps sporadically

  • important for you to be available during releases

  • ability to take photos and videos of people you see wearing our gear around  campus/school/neighborhood

  • outgoing and outspoken

  • high energy 

  • fashionable

  • ability to book Think Big for events at school/campus

  • stay up to date on current events in your neighborhood/school

Brand Ambassador

Thanks for submitting!